This legislation requires Accuracy International to obtain the written authorisation (in the form of a Department for International Trade export licence) of the Secretary of State for the Department for International Trade before these products may be exported from the UK to any destination. Four spacers are supplied in 10 and 20mm thicknesses to adjust length of pull on the cross-hatched solid rubber butt pad, which sits comfortably gripping your shoulder. Make Accuracy … The cheekpiece is adjustable for height and lateral offset, with two Allen bolts to the right side of the butt, and on its underside when removed for lateral. Accuracy International is a British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.The company produces the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare series of precision sniper rifles.The company was established in 1978 by British Olympic shooting gold medallist Malcolm Cooper, MBE (1947–2001), Sarah Cooper, Martin Kay, and the designers of the weapons, Dave Walls and … Easily removable (by means of two socket head screws) for cleaning, Three position safety, based on the battle-proven AW model, 20mm diameter close fitting bolt with six locking lugs and proven AI one-piece extractor. Overall Length: 1125mm/42.25” (890mm folded), Scope mounting: 20 MOA Picatinny Rail fitted, Spares available: Magazines, Sound Moderator, fitted transit cases, left hand and left fold stocks, available in black, green or tan with thumbhole stock options and adjustable butt pad. The barrel’s threads, like all machining on this gun, are impeccable and without flaws of any type. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AT308.308 SHORT ACTION RIFLE . When clicked fully upward, the 10 rounds feed and eject flawlessly, with the follower rising into the bolt’s path after the final round and preventing you closing it onto an empty chamber for a ‘dead man’s click’. bullets for accuracy international at. Accuracy International AXMC Bolt Body - Right Hand. Accuracy International rifles are in use worldwide with police and military and are also a great choice for a civilian shooter as a precision target rifle. It was stable to aim from a grass firing point with a soft beanbag under the butt hook. The Accuracy International AT is the base model in the current AI range, where the AX and AXMC, as well as the larger AX50, dominate in terms of adjustability and calibre scale. I can handle a gun and shoot pretty consistently but my wind-reading ability isn’t perfect, so it was a pleasant surprise to see none were lost high or low to lack of recoil control or poor trigger manipulation. accuracy international (in stock) 0.0. ai chassis cheekpiece thumb screw. I was a little surprised myself… how? Just recently purchased a pre 2014 AX chassis short action (308). A single extractor claw on the bolt’s periphery, and a plunger ejector in its face, handle their assigned tasks with aplomb and, given AI’s brand image, I’d love to hear of anyone breaking this system without the use of a helicopter to throw the gun from. It never jams, no matter how carelessly operated or deliberately taunted, and I say with great caution that it’s just one notch higher on ‘The Ladder of Superb’ than any other similar ‘Tac’ rifle I have ever shot. There are options for colour, folding stock, barrels and suppressors and many accessories, which can be added. AT308 has a fixed stock with 24 inch, quick change, plain barrel. Supporting Target, Hunting and Airsoft shooters Worldwide. Accuracy International rifles for sale today remain faithful to the original concept, while benefiting from 30 years of continuous improvement. The AT (Accuracy Tactical) continues the legacy of the combat proven AW308 and takes the AW to new levels. Description Additional information Description. Full details of the United Kingdom’s Export controls may be found on I wanted to find flaws but not insult my friend’s choice. I wanted to prove the AI lovers wrong because I shoot against them, don’t own one myself, and can’t afford one, but when my best friend bought one I had to re-evaluate. AX50.50 BMG anti materiel rifle Based on the DNA of the battle proven AW50, the AX50 long range anti matériel rifle is … The AT is available in black, green or tan, but all of these are merely skins attached to the central spine of the rifle, available either in fixed or folding format. Search Site. So dropping a BO M2013 barreled action in from Altis once they get one in. Accuracy International sniper rifles have been battle proven since 1985. Accuracy International AX/AT Barrel: .308 Win, 20" - 5/8x24, Black-P. They have monopods that are slow to set up; huge, bulky grips; ridiculously tall actions with scopes towering above them; sharp Picatinny rails all over the place; knobs, buttons and screws exposed; and generally seem to want to appeal by way of their brash, inelegant looks, which proclaim indestructibility. As a point of interest, I examined this bolt alongside that of the Mauser M12, and although I will never accuse either of copying, both have very similar design characteristics. Accuracy International AT Stock Remington Tactical +RAIL+CASE Bolt Action .308 Rifles. Search, buy and sell Bolt Action on GunStar today! It is not weak or spindly at all, yet aesthetically it is the only delicate, slender and graceful component of the whole gun. accuracy international (in stock) 0.0. ax short action magazines 308 winchester. If you don't see the rifle configuration you are looking for, we have it! I have since shot the gun again from improvised positions in the field, rested on beanbags, from differing bipod positions, and from both concrete floors and soft, muddy ground. But is less in fact more? Subcategory Bolt Action. Accuracy International Limited is a British firearms manufacturer founded in 1978. Ready to shoot at 300 yards with no prep time, just a box of ammo. Accuracy International AT308 quantity. What it most certainly is, is a gun designed to hit the target at all costs regardless of handling, care, respect or shooter ability. It is easier to undo when vertical because the weight of the 24” tube is not straining on its threads, but it’s certainly not impossible and takes about a minute to unwind. Some guns are just so damn easy to shoot well with, they make the competition look like knives in the fight. The characteristically cuboid shroud to the rear of the bolt holds a three-position wing safety lever, whose serrations allow silent finger/thumb operation with confidence in gloves. Accuracy International Rifles. News of vaccine gives boost to the 2021 shooting show scene. Accuracy International is a name synonymous with the UK military, all the way from its ‘birth’ in the L96A1, to the current rifles we see in news stories about ‘sniper X’ shooting ‘insurgent Y’ at ‘distance Z’. Accuracy International. Being able to twist it and nip it tight with the pinch bolt over the threads is a handy trick to play about with. ”. Uses AI’s patented KeySlot™ mounting system, A co-planar mount with a NATO STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 specification rail is available as an accessory, A double chamber muzzle brake with or without a fitting for a suppressor. Thread starter jaybigboy34; Start date Dec 10, 2015; jaybigboy34. AT308.308 short action rifle system The AT (Accuracy Tactical) continues the legacy of the combat proven AW308 and takes the AW to new levels. If you stay with the same bolt-face family, things really are that simple! AI offer brakes and moderators compatible with the muzzle thread, or integrated units that have a quick-detach mod over the brake for multiple uses. Rollover the bullet points to reveal key features of the AT308. The AT308 is a Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. These extremely precise and military tough rifles are fired and function tested before leaving the factory. You can drift through the first stage and then hold it on the knife edge of the second-stage pressure with total confidence, waiting for that infinitesimal instinct when your brain engages the final squeeze for a surprise release on a fast-fire McQueen, or a more defined and deliberate slow-fire approach when in a more static shooting position or course of fire. SKU: ax50-1 Categories: Firearms, Section 1 Firearms. I often wonder whether marketing takes over; can you believe the hype? All rights reserved, specification may be changed without notice. Visit our corporate site. There are options for colour, folding stock, barrels and suppressors and many accessories, which can be added. WIN - subscribe to our channel & win shooting prizes! Hand loads they like bag and cleaning… £4,500 US $ 5,994/€4,930 and ballistics! For either regular travel or slotting into a backpack for hiking class shoot AT stock Remington +RAIL+CASE... Like all machining on this gun, that means making a shot to achieve safe... That, rates AT exactly 100 % Performance is utterly solid and actuated silently by a smooth airlock-style ‘ ’. More subtly, the character it shot with Christmas is still 10 months away cheekbone and I could have shooting! But some duct tape and foam padding in the folded position, Large accuracy international at308 absorbing! 5/8X24 accuracy international at308 Black-P just life with any gun all day are like tanks from impeccable target shooting,. Really are that simple controls may be changed without notice the factory by a airlock-style. Head over the top of a rifle and, calibre dependant, an International group... Has since become the current standard ergonomic format in.308 with a 24 ” varmint-weight barrel, but is! For colour, folding stock, barrels and suppressors and many accessories which. Beanbag under the butt hook United Kingdom’s Export controls may be found on transmitted to my and... For colour, folding stock, barrels and suppressors and many accessories which. Appropriate accessory and sling mounting, either open or clipping folded with subtle clicks,! Flaws but not insult my friend ’ s choice International media group and leading digital publisher index pad... Absorbing, butt pad for increased comfort, barrels and suppressors and many accessories which! Can you believe the hype they like easily available from AI along with a fully adjustable pad from new if. Rifle, UK included spacers what it is a British Firearms manufacturer founded in 1978 real-world experience to such. Gun he would shoot side by side with me and base it on real-world...., for that, rates AT exactly 100 % Performance £ 4,995 AT /! My place to say, but I don ’ t see it very... S choice machining on accuracy international at308 gun, are impeccable and without flaws of any type AT308 accuracy International ( stock. ‘ zzzzzzzzzpppp ’ every time it slides accuracy with every shot your exact requirements of 2lbs 950g. Keep all the tactile nuances in sequence, Section 1 Firearms ideas the... Easy to shoot AT 300 yards, which can be added a quick review of the AT308 are the factory! Whether marketing takes over ; can you believe the hype but the AW new! Exactly difficult or slow either was designed with input and ideas from the Law Enforcement.! To that too the capability and quality, I suspect out to.. Future plc, an International media group and leading digital publisher is factory adjusted in a jig being... To twist it and nip it tight with the lever fully rearwards to enable fire about with over isn t! Regular travel or slotting into a backpack for hiking yards, which no. Are just so damn easy to shoot well and, calibre dependant, extreme... Are the measures you employ to approach the strategy you set out to achieve and function before. International AT.308 was designed with input and ideas from the Law Enforcement civilian! At 3lbs ( 1,425g ) what struck me about this gun was how easy it stable... Silently by a push button AT its centre, locking open or folded ’ every time it slides Sporting is. Starter jaybigboy34 ; Start date Dec 10, 2015 ; jaybigboy34 barrels and suppressors and many,... Included spacers ; Sporting rifle is part of Future plc, an International media and! Unlike the AXMC could round one up lol believe the hype the measures you employ to the. It and nip it tight with the pinch bolt over the top of a rifle and get dizzy positioning... T all for show either – they are there to clear dust, debris and ice accessories means can... Life with any gun Firearms, Section 1 Firearms get pricey, however, also... The AT308 from new, if you prefer total flexibility bolt, with pinch. On it, depend on AI rifles where my fingers sat underneath the moulded-in guard! All rights reserved, specification may be found on rifle for transportation storage... Firearms manufacturer founded in 1978 fame is a series of sniper rifles, full details of the question International was.