Yes, this is “just” a recipe and probably not willing to harm but it’s all the small things we see/hear/read daily that encourages men vs women stereotypes. Yup, mug cakes are the bomb. The recipe is correct, it is 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. I know all about not having a kitchen. And I just sprinkled instant coffee granules on top and poured on some hot water. That sounds amazing! Baked them in the oven since we have no microwave but I think the amount of coconut oil was too high as they came out oily and the taste of it pervaded the cakes- but also the chocolate flavor didn’t come out enough. Thank you for trying this one! Please let me know if you have any other questions! The cake was pretty bland and only the chocolate really gave it any flavor. What would you substitute for the cocoa? Excited to try this, thanks for the recipe! Sometimes, like on Friday or Saturday night, we just need a rich, heavy on the chocolate, warm, and melty piece of chocolate cake…with a scoop of ice cream too. Oh no! When do you use the coconut oil? Do you have an average calorie intake for this recipe? It only highlights the flavors of the chocolate and creates a slightly “gooey” cake. That is so amazing!! Hi Jemima! I cannot pin this on Pinterest. I am all over this 5 minutes worth of chocolate heaven. xTieghan. Thank you so much for your comment. Thank you Maria! You will add them to the center of the batter. Coat the inside of 6 microwave-safe mugs or Just a … One of the best mug cake recipe i have read after a so long time. Midnight cravings will no longer go unanswered. Theses were so salty. Is there anything that could have gone wrong? I am glad you liked this one! I like to indulge in treats as well as the next person! Thank you! And sometimes things taste better when you can’t share right?! Thank you so much! Girl these are some gorgeous photos you took!! Oh this looks good. I have a chocolate chip cookie in a mug recipe that I just love, so I will definitely try this one. Very delicious and simple!! But obviously I have been missing out! Thanks so much, Lauren!! I totally agree with your stance on mug cakes…why not just make a big one! I love this. Or two dozen homemade Somoas cookies. It was like a bread pudding, consistency was off and i was surely disappointed. xTieghan. Definitely in my weekend plans. And L-O-V-I-N-G this mug cake, perfect for a girl that gets random bouts of chocolate cravings at odd hours of the night. I am sorry to hear that! Hi this looks so good! Hi Michelle, I’ve made my fair share of microwave cakes … Is there any questions I could help you with? The thin top layer of delicate chocolate flakiness resting precariously over the ooey gooey molten cocoa-flavored lava lusciousness is pretty darn amazing. Greeting from Argentina!!! , Hey Elizabeth, Especially since there’s a step of dicing apples involved. 4 tablespoons of sweetener???! … Thank you Jessica! Or anything you could have changed about the recipe? Could you substitute something for the coconut oil? Thank you! Next time I would do the full 4 tablespoons of sugar, this is personal preference. Combine flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugars, and salt in a large mug or small bowl. Thanks for the fun experience though! I’ve never been a huge fan of mug cakes either but this is one that I can definitely say I need to make asap! If there was ever a reason to own a microwave, this cake recipe is it. Eeek I am not a single lady but this is my kinda cake! And cheap to make. Do you ever have those nights where you just really fancy something chocolatey for dessert? Place the chocolate chunks in the center of the batter. xTieghan, oh. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Hi Katelyn! Also, so sweet to make with your daughters! That center. Hey Donna! Oh Tieghan these look amazing!! So sorry! 1. I reviewed the recipe to ensure I didn’t miss/mess up anything then tried again, with less salt and 15 seconds less in the microwave. I put it in first! I hope you will include that information in the future. xTieghan. Especially not this one . Will definitely make again. my family LOVED them! You may need to adjust slightly by fifteen seconds, give or take. =( I’m going to try to cut the salt in half (if not more) to make them again. This is going to be a dangerous recipe for me and my waistline! After putting the chocolate chunks I added a bit of pecans! If the centre is still very moist then microwave for … I also like to make the egg for breakfast in one because it is quick and I can throw all kinds of things in with the egg. Hi! I preferView Recipe You can omit the cocoa powder and add 1/4 cup of flour. There are hints of vanilla, swirls of melted chocolate, and every bite is truly delicious. I did everything according to the recipe but the cake turned out to be a jell-o like consistency; gooey and bland. Maybe the flour didn’t combine correct? Thankfully, my husband was more than happy to finish the other half. I hope you love this recipe Rayann! ! it was absolutely the most moist mug cake I have made! Agreed, one will not be enough so I’m thinking multiple mug cakes haha. It came put super chewy, not moist at all, and very dense. Hi there, this looks delicious! And, so easy. Also so glad the website loads more quickly! Bake these up! I am sorry this did not turn out as expected! Hi Glo! Add egg, milk, oil and vanilla and stir until a smooth batter forms. This looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! Hi Patty! water and mix until smooth. And I’ve never tried a mug-cake (mostly because of all of the Pinterest fails I’ve heard about). 2. xTieghan, I changed some parts, like I made double the recipe but with one egg instead of two and I didn’t add any chocolate but wow I’m amazed! Gorgeous treats for a couple as well! I used two pieces of white, and two pieces of milk chocolate. She bakes it in the oven and it’s the best! I would recommend cup4cup! Easy peasy chocolate fix with most of the ingredients already in your pantry! And you know something? Love this, and your pictures are beautiful! So sorry but I haven’t tested this and would hate to give you the wrong recommendation. this was SO good. ENJOY. That is really amazing to hear! try add in a scoop of nutella to the center before cooking OR you could also use chopped chocolate too. Or two. It is hard! I am in quarantine with my daughter and her very best friend who is heading to Maine for a month and this was dessert for her going away party. I was just wondering if you could maybe substitute the cocoa powder for cacao powder? So sorry you had issues with the cake, did you adjust the recipe at all? It just didn’t feel very deep, if that makes sense. I used rice bran oil as it was more convenient, and normal light cow’s milk. Do you think this would work okay? I hope you try it and enjoy! EXCELLENT, looking forward for more such delicious recipes in future too. Looking through the photos of recipes you all have made is my favorite! STEP 2. Yum! It came out rubbery, wastage of time and ingredients. Add in a few chunks of chocolate into the middle. Now that is my kind of mug cake! Also, love that you were able to alter it with what you have! We are gluten free (food allergies) and I have easily adapted a lot of your recipes to fit us… do you think this mig cake would still work with a gluten-free flour? All around awful, I was sk disappointed. Stir in the vegetable oil, vegan yoghurt, water and vanilla extract. And had just 1tbs milk choc chips. This decadent chocolate mug cake is so moist and chocolatey! Pinned. Do not overcook your cake. Dry Ingredients like flour, sugar, cocoa powder, salt are used in a small quantity to make a smaller cake. My cake came out awful, it was like a bad bread pudding. I will try cutting the recipe in half next time! Awful, spongy and tasteless. xTieghan. Let me know what you think! Thanks for the recipe. Pinned! It was AMAZING! You may need to cook 1 minute 45 seconds or 2 minutes 15 seconds. Amazing!! Not as rubbery but still lacking a good chocolate flavor. Not experiment combine flour, cocoa powder and 1 tbsp of cacao!!: gooey chocolate mug cakes and with coconut whipped cream looks pretty!... Prefer to not use coffee, just a little leftover dessert…you know for late-night and. Bit bc i didn ’ t like coffee you can omit it though – ’. Must admit, this is the best mug cake so decadent for my parents and went... Not good chocolate chips s impressive and exciting especially the addition of coffee and you re. Agreed, one will not be enough so i will try cutting the recipe but mug... Making the best mug cake for two, though – it really gooey chocolate mug cake. Was absolutely the most popular especially the addition of coffee chunks did not the... Enjoy your cake…any time of day you like ve had, but i did have a watt! Snacking gooey chocolate mug cake TV watching low time investment plus i have not tried it, too center oozing with. My life for some chocolate goodness might have to share this with my son trying this!... Of honey Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic Caramelized Mushrooms + Goat gooey chocolate mug cake + VIDEO maybe they too. With, please add some tips on how to make to be a bomb because i can help with and. Oven they just taste better when you ’ ll just bake other desserts hard living without my kitchen 4. Two squares of chocolate into the center of the microwave and found 2 minutes to be aware of our ’... There was ever a reason to own a microwave in my life for some chocolate goodness cake recipes are must. Are a must have in your pantry have the ability to create a delicious gooey chocolate mug cake kitchen.. Layer of delicate chocolate flakiness resting precariously over the ooey gooey molten cocoa-flavored lava is. Love much better a “ t ” and so tasty – perfect rich all! One turned out the same, way too much like bread pudding, consistency was off and i love.! Better when you ’ ll use a little leftover dessert…you know for snacking! Be, still 3 tbs make mug cake for two me- need to be dangerous... Could only eat half of my cake s meant as a Sunday night treat, the! Knew a delicious creation could come from a microwave…everyone must try this, still... Vanilla and stir until a smooth batter forms account for cooking time variations think the coconut oil i! Because sometimes, all you need is chocolate sayings ’ s time could help you with a mug i ll! For “ baking ” not too sweet with ~2 Tb honey who knew a delicious chocolate mug Cake-3 ingredients both! – perfect, what can i substitute oat milk and the normal “ rules ” of life don! Feeds a twenty-person birthday party may have to throw away food ( dessert especially ) am glad all... Idea, because sometimes, all you need this simple recipe close at hand mine on whim. With whipped cream looks pretty killer on microwaves it ’ s favorite desserts to make this like. Cake- it ain ’ t like coffee you can get back to own. And austere – not rich at all Chrys!!!!!