package that contains two ready-to-bake crusts in 9-inch reusable pans. I’ve bought this twice, so I’ve eaten four of these pies. Trader Joe’s Vegan is dedicated to anyone looking to switch to a vegan diet or for anyone just looking to introduce more plant based meals into their diet. There is no shame, and your secret is safe with me! To save time, start with a store bought pie crust. Use the frozen mashed sweet potatoes. At $3.99 for two 11-ounce pie crusts, the Trader Joe’s Pie crust is clearly the best value for the money. They are so easy to make and you get the added benefit of enjoying a favorite cookie in the form of a pie. It’s not a bad product, but it’s not worth 800 calories either. What are getting here are two shrink wrapped pies that look small. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Read More…. The crust seems much thinner than other frozen crusts and by docking the crust (on the bottom and on the side) it did end up poking some holes through the crust. Product Description: A frozen gluten free pie crust. Regardless, even with such a liquid, eggy filling, it held up quite well. This is a Seasonal Favorite product, which means it’s in stores longer than an ALDI Find, but it’s not in stores year round. The filling was decent enough, though scarce, but the bread, and there was lots and lots of it, tasted like cardboard. However, shoppers told The Kitchn that Trader Joe's frozen crusts have a tendency to crack or melt while baking. Transfer to a bowl, add a quarter of a stick of melted butter, and then use that concoction to pat down into a pie crust. Trader Joe’s, prices vary Southern Baked Pie Company , $39.95 Not the most popular pie in general, but if you’re a fan, Southern Baked Pie Company impresses with its gorgeous dome of a crust. When a friend introduced me to Trader Joe’s pie crusts ($3.99 for a double crust), a whole new world opened before me. I love cookie crusts. And at $3.49, this little pie will get pricey. Save yourself the stress. I microwaved them so that might be part of the problem. As bubbly and delicious as the crust looked, it had to cool to be enjoyed. Because of the amount of time in the oven, that seemed the most dried out and tasteless. Did you try it? A healthier swap: Trader Joe’s frozen buffalo burgers are a great source of protein and just as meaty as a steak pie. I am not ashamed at all. But beyond that we have some ingredients you wouldn’t normally find in a traditional pie crust: rice flour, tapioca flour, cornstarch, and even eggs. But you know what? My name is Brenda and welcome to my blog! Nice to try but it wasn’t 800 calories good. That said, many people have issues with the pie dough not unrolling easily from the package. Or at least that is how the saying goes. Let me know what you think in the comments section! I think I’ve only bought these once or twice since writing the original review. The cons: Trader Joe’s Steak and Stout Pie is also a calorie and nutritional bomb. You can also FOLLOW ME on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to see what I’m up to. In the meanwhile, the ingredients were put together for the filling while the crust was baking (and then cooled to room temperature). But after filling the pie 2/3 of the way up, it went into the oven for 40 minutes. If pumpkin pie is your gluten-free niece’s favorite, this ready to bake pie crust shell is what’s up. I got some of that, but there was a lot of tomato and celery flavor here too. After a slice, I realized that the taste of this crust is a bit on the bland side. Here is the visual run down of what you get if you buy this product: The bag of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pie Crust: A closer look at the crust after being cooked: Want to see more items I’ve reviewed from Trader Joe’s? Read More…. Microwave is not recommended if you want the crisp pastry crust which means if you are hungry right now you are at least 45 minutes from eating this.